Camera Zenmuse H20 Series

Camera Zenmuse H20 Series

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  • Model: Zenmuse H20
    Hãng sản xuất: DJI
    Xuất xứ: China
    Bảo hành: Chính hãng
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DJI M300 DJI Phantom 4rtk DJI TB60 DJI PH4 DJI CH2 DJI BS60 CAMERA ZENMUSE H20 SERIES LIDA ZENMUSE - L1 DJI DRTK2 dich vu bay chup dia hinh bay khao sat bay tuyen dien

“H” For Hybrid

Multi-sensor payloads that bring a whole new meaning to mission efficiency. The unique intelligence and integrated design provide unprecedented aerial imaging capabilities for a range of commercial drone applications.
Welcome to DJI’s first hybrid sensor solution – the Zenmuse H20 Series.

12 MP Wide Camera
82.9° DFOV

20 MP Zoom Camera
23× Hybrid Optical Zoom

Radiometric Thermal Camera
640×512 px

Laser RangeFinder
1200 m Max Range

IP44 Rating

-20°C to 50°C Operating Temperature

Active Image Stabilization and EIS

Night Scene Mode

All The Sensors You Need – In One

Capture everything. Up close or from a distance. In true living color or thermal. An integrated laser rangefinder (LRF) measures the distance to an object at up to 1200 m away. A powerful, integrated payload that unleashes advanced intelligent capabilities for DJI’s industrial drone platforms.

H20 – Triple-Sensor Solution

20 MP Zoom Camera

12 MP Wide Camera

1200 m LRF

H20T – Quad-Sensor Solution

20 MP Zoom Camera

12 MP Wide Camera

1200 m LRF

640×512 px Radiometric Thermal Camera

Closing the Distance

Powerful Zoom Camera

  • 23× Hybrid Optical Zoom, 200× Max Zoom
  • 20 MP 1/1.7” CMOS Sensor
  • Video Resolution: 4K/30fps

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